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Doorbell Calls should also ring on Apple Watch

Please add the ability that when a call is being recieved from the Arlo Doorbell it rings/notifies on Apple Watch as well, just like a regular phone call does. I keep my phone on silent most of the time and get calls/notifications on my watch, and when watch is on phone is silenced automatically.  The calls show up in the phone app so I'd expect them to ring on the watch just like any other call.


This feature is sorely lacking. I, too, keep my phone on silent and expect call notifications to be pushed to my watch. I’m not going to start monitoring my phone again just because somebody might ring my doorbell. That defeats the purpose of having the watch. Arlo should push a watch notification when someone rings the doorbell. Please!!


I noticed that for some reason the calls that ring on my iPhone and iPad do not ring on my WiFi Apple Watch.  I’m not so much expecting to receive video, but maybe speak or at the very least it would be nice to be able to hang up the call from your watch.  Being handicapped it’s nice being able to control calls from my watch. That being one of the reasons I got the watch. 


I agree. Being handicapped, I like being able to control things from my watch. At the very least I should be able to talk and hang up. 

Please add doorbell notifications for Apple Watch. The idea of owning a smart watch is to be independent of the phone and get all important notifications on your wrist. Having to carry around your phone to notice if someone is at the door seems like a huge step backwards.

Good evening all!


Does anyone know if it is possible that my Apple Watch could ring at the same time when my iPhone rings?


For example, I know when someone calls to FaceTime me my watch will ring at the same time but simply display a message that it needs to be answered from my iPhone.


thanks all!


Thank you for the most recent Arlo Apple iOS app update to 2.12 and including the Arlo audio door bell include in the Apple phone log.


My new request is when the Arlo audio door bell is pressed from a person ringing the Arlo audio doorbell that it would ring a users Apple Watch at the same time as the iPhone is ringing.


Understand the call cannot actually be taken from the Apple Watch. 


But be the same as the Apple video FaceTime whereas it still rings not he Apple Watch simultaneously with the iPhone but the Apple Watch displays text on the screen while it is ringing showing 'answer FaceTime video call from iPhone.


So it could possibly show something like 'Arlo Doorbell calling, answer from iPhone'.


thank you!!!!



I want the doorbell notification on my Apple Watch too. It is essential even when I have my phone with me. I always have it loudless


Any News? Just installed a arlo video doorbell and no incoming calls or notification when Somebody presses the doorbell! This Should be a default option! At least a notification that somebody is at Your door! and then you can answer te call on Your phone... even beter when you can do only audio on Your Watch but a notification is a must... Any news when this feature is coming? 


Hi Mol86!


I’m still waiting too 😢😢😢😢.


I was hoping they could make it the same as FaceTime calls.  Where the Apple Watch would say something like there is an incoming Arlo doorbell call and to answer from you iPhone!


Any Arlo developers reading this that could respond?


thank you in advance!


This is too bad like FaceTime or only audio calls via applewatch would be perfect... but no message on applewatch is unacceptable i Think many Apple Watch Users are missing calls on this way where else can we post or request this!