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Door sensor option

Instead of motion detection, can a camera be synced to turn on when a door opens? Example: I'd like to install in backyard where fence door is located, but a range of things would set the camera off in motion detect mode alone (leaves, a squirrel, kids playing, etc... ) so, it would make sense if it could start recording only if the backyard door were to be opened. An old camera system I had was synced to a z-wave door sensor and it would start to record only when the sensor activated which was perfect. Arlo support, any ideas?
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A serperate motion detection sensor for outdoors that does not need to be powerd, but could trigger a camera to start recording would be great! This way I could utilize my front yard camera (which cannot detect motion due to the window it looks through) to capture movement.



I can fool the cameras, so I strongly suggest that you implement windows and door sensors into the system. I was testing one thing and the camera didn't detect me even if I was in the middle of the picture. Though, there's an environment issue to this as well.


I've been working with security since 1989. I started within Person Security and was educated and working for the Police autority, 1999 I was working with Data security. 10 years later, at Sony Mobile, I was working with boot-up and Update security, and lately I've been making security test plans for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) for the CAN bus and Connected Car security verification within the car industry in a small company with +400,000 employees.


Please, magnetic contact sensors and accelerometer sensors are needed in your system, otherwise it has somewhat a low security level. Cameras are great, but they have weaknesses depending on what environment you put them in.


I would like to suggest a simple open/close contact sensor.  This would then give me the ability to leverage the alarming/alerting when something is opened.