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Display camera on google home hub when doorbell is rung.

I just got my Google home hub today and it works great for viewing the cameras.  I am also thinking of getting the doorbell and would like to know if the arlo doorbell is rung can the google home hub be set up to automatically show the front door camera without asking google to show it?


If this is not a current feature please add it.

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You can find information on the commands and features available when using Arlo with Google Home here: How do I view an Arlo camera with the Google Assistant?


While this isn't currently a feature, it's a great idea and could be implemented in the future. Relocating this thread to the Arlo Idea Exchange.




Bump, this would be a great feature 

Yes! Please add this feature 


would really like to see this feature added.

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Thank you for your feedback


Yes, PLEASE start integrating this doorbell like every other doorbell device can already do. Keep up Arlo!


This would be indeed a great feature to have. Hope to hear some news about it very soon.


This would be a great feature. Throw it in the next sprint arlo. Smiley Happy


Adding my vote to this one.  

Is it done yet? 🙂


This is keeping me from buying the Arlo doorbell. Without this feature I will go for the (much more expensive) Nest doorbell instead.


To be able to just glance at the google hub when someone is at the door is a key feature. Without opening an app or saying a command.