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Disable Battery Low E-mail Notification

1. Give users the option to disable the e-mail notification "Your Arlo Battery is Tired". It's a great feature that I see had an opposite issue in the past when users couldn't enable the battery low e-mail, however I am a user that visits the app at least once a day where I can view battery percentage and better yet the battery icon turns orange when low. 


2. If you cannot implement the suggestion above, please remove "If you no longer wish to receive this email, please change the notification settings in your Arlo app." in your battery low e-mail as it is misleading and not correct.


Thank you.


The footer of the email says to turn it off use the app but I can't find an option anywhere in the app! 


Is there a way to suppress the NUMBER of notifications for Arlo Low Battery notifications?  If not this is just poor coding.  How can I turn off low batter notifications but keep on motion alerts to my phone and email?  




Any updates to this question/suggestion?


Is there any update on whether this is being considered? I find it aggravating that this service does not allow me to regulate the number/kind of emails and notifications I receive. I see no reason why the user should be subjected to numerous unwanted emails and notifications. 


To my knowledge they have not considered my suggestion. I've resorted to creating a rule within my e-mail server that automatically moves Arlo battery low notifications to a separate folder and marks them as read, though they'll still pop up on my mobile e-mail. 


Is there a way to completely turn off the low battery notifications on my cameras?

I was woken up at 1:30am with an alert saying my battery was low. 

I am not getting up in the middle of the night to charge my camera.


Bump of an old thread.  This is incredibly annoying -- particularly if you have the solar charger accessory.  I don't need to be constantly notified of a low battery when it is going to be automatically charged.  I also agree with the silly footer of the notification email. Please don't tell me to change my preferences in the app when there is no way to change the preferences.


I am getting multiple low battery notifications (often 2 at a time for the same camera). I need to turn these off.


Sometimes they arrive in the middle of the night which is petrifying. Imagine waking up to what you think is someone intruding.


The cameras are attached to solar panels which keep them from going dead completely but sometimes they dip below 15% which I am totally fine with. 


Please make it an option to turn off or limit these notifications. I've attached a screenshot to show 3 notifications within 2 minutes. I got another 2 for the same camera while I was writing this post.