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Developing a Samsung/Android SmartTV App

Has any thought been put into developing a SmartTV app?   From my exprerience and from what I've read online, viewing through the portal has a flash issue on Samsung.


However, why not have an app?  It would be awesome if it would automatically bring up an alert click OK and view the feed as picture in picture if motion goes off.  Seeing if someone is at the front or back door while watching TV would be great.

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I too need this bad!!!!


Would love to see an Android TV app. Your competition already has one. Considering you already have an Android app it wouldn't be hard to translate to the big screen.



How we can use it in the mobile spy mobile recorder on Android


Yes 100 percent. Net Gear!!! Add this!!!


I have this same issue. 

"I have dowloaded the Arlo app and sideloaded it on my Nvidia Shield, but i am not able to make it work.. The app starts, but it says that: You are not connected to the internet. Please check your connection.. No other sideloaded app does this so i guess its a problem with the Arlo app.  an official Arlo app for android "

Please fix

A little development support would go a long ways.


Since the new Samsung Smarthing partnership how about lets get an app created to put on tv so we can monitor?


would be nice... biggest issue for now is the flash usage.  Many tv sets don't run it


Oh, that's correct. Due to vunerability and hacking purposes. Why are you still using it? Shouldn't the product be up to current standards so that others aren't watching or camera's and baby monitors?

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