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VMC3030 (Arlo Wire-Free) Manual Record Feature Needed

It would be great to have a feature so the user can manually record from a camera remotely using the Arlo application for all operating systems and applications.  As it is now there is no such option.  Lookibg at the Camera's screen, it does offier "Live" viewing.  Adding a record button or panic button to cause recording would be ideal.  

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This can already be done by clicking the record button when live streaming a camera.




Thanks JamesC.  


I have several cameras and if I need to have all of them record it might take too long to activate all of them individually.

An example would my house alarm going off. There's a small window between it being tripped and disarmed before it notifies the police. I never turn it off if I didn't trip. My rule of thumb is if you trip my alarm and don't know how disarm it, chances are you shouldn't be in my house.

If I'm on the geofencing option and I'm home when the cameras are not scheduled to have their sensors on, that could be a problem in the above scenario. Is there a way or could there be a, "panic" style button to activate all cameras without having to go through each one and put them into a one time 120 second record with highest resolution (should be the default but should be able to change in settings)? Just a thought, but I think it would be a nice feature if it doesn't already exist? If it does exist, would some please help direct me to the setting?