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Custom alert sounds for Android/iOS

Really need to customize the notification sound.  For instance, I want to be alerted to motion on some cameras while sleeping, but the notification sound is not enough to do that because it is too brief and I just sleep right through it.  Would be nice to select an mp3, or at least provide some more aggressive options for alerts.  Perhaps even per camera custom sounds, as one can do with ringtones for different contacts.

So as of Feb 2017 no improvement. I'm returning my system. Arlo you are losing me and I was planning on buying 3 more systems for my family.
This would really set Arlo apart from all others. Simple custom ringtones notifications for each camera. This would allow the user to know what camera at what door or window or room inthe house is being activated without even picking up or looking at your phone or computer.
In effect I am doing it right now and it works pretty good. But the way I'm doing it is very expensive I have three cameras set up in front of my house and four more scattered about; if one goes off I know it's nothing important, but if two go off that mean somebody pulled in my driveway because it activated two cameras. if three beeps go off that means somebody pulled into driveway and is actually at my door. I'm using the stock ring tone but if I could program this for others I would know exactly what's going on where.


Not sure when this happened but there is now a setting in the android arlo app to change the notification sound to something different then the standard notification sound.

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Status changed to: Implemented

We have introduced a new feature that allows push notification customization including tone, LED color and more!


Currently available on Android and coming soon for iOS.


The current alert notification process is not adequate given how important and critical arlo monitoring is for many users.

Users should have the option for their alerts to ring differently/more loudly and than all the other normal/non criticial alerts they receive throughout the day. There should also be the options to ring more than once, ring until user confirms receipt (with say 10 maximum rings so not indefinite)  and bypass the do not disturb mode.


I have found myself countless times missing alerts because my phone was just a few yards away from me and I could not hear the Arlo alert or phone one me but in a noisy environment / jacket pocket and vibrate not strong enough  

Currently the only way to address this is to change the general alert type (which applies to all alerts on the phone) to the most intrusive which is not ideal.

Please include these options in your next software update.


this BTW has changed in the last Android app and will be coming to IOS soon...

It allows you to chose the alert sound (from yr phone options ), led flash , and vibrate in any combo

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Status changed to: Partially Implemented

As TomMac stated (thanks Tom!!), this feature has been implemented for Android, and is in the works for iOS. We'll announce it in the community when iOS has been implemented as well. And thank you for taking the time to provide suggestions, it's greatly appreciated!


You can always simply use IFTTT do do all sorts of things on your devce should you receive an e-mail or alert from Arlo.

I have the Arlo Pro, but the sound options are only vibrate, LED color snd LED blink, no other option such is noted in previous Netgear responses. I need something other than a siren. The siren would be overkill for our needs. This is for monitoring and elderly couple with wandering issues in the middle of the night and their safety. Otherwise I have to go back to d-link, at least it did that and was 1/3 the cost. Thank you and please help.
Btw, I should note that I have an android.