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Change iOS app notification sound

Currently, there is no way to change the notification sound on the iOS Arlo app. From my understanding, the notification sounds for each app need to be configured inside of the application and cannot be changed through the iOS settings. The generic alert is not sufficient for alerts on motion detection.


you can change the setting on android only not apple i phone ios  unless you jail brake your phone


This issue, and request to fix it, has been going on for over a year.  Will IOS users be able to configure sound notifications on IOS device?  If so, when?


The old thread:


Alternatively, can i download the app onto another persons Android phone just to configure sound and then still manage with my IOS phone?


If you comment on this post wanting the feature but you don't give it a kudos, you are not helping the effort. Give Kudos to this post so we can get some eyes on it.


Just purchased these cameras as I thought it was great option for new house under construction that was recently broken into. I am utterly shocked to learn that there is no option to change push notification sounds on an iOS device and more shocked to read posts from nearly a year ago stating this would be soon addressed. 


There appears to be a large number of your target market that are not happy with this lack of functionality, seems like something that would be a priority for your organization. 


Kudos to this. It is ridiculous that we can't change the sounds. Kind of makes it pointless. 


I I just got Arlo, but I'll probably return it for Ring. Ring has a very distinct sound when motion is detected. That is how it should be. 


I have had mine for a week and have to say best camera system ever except, no sound alerts.  How can it be called a security camera without sound alerts.  Returning to store for Ring.

When I had iPhone there was sound on mine. Not a good one but it did send an alert. I switched to android more customization. You can pick what ever screaming alert you want. It's true there should be more options for alerts on iOS. But then again your dealing with apple

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While the sound cannot be customized, as mentioned by Chevyboy67, push notifications can still be received and do make a sound on iOS. Take a look here for more information: How do I enable and disable Arlo push notifications on my iOS device?




I just bought an Arlo Pro 2 - 4 camera set-up today and everything went together very easily. I had it up and running in no time. The alerting sound on the iphone is not suitable for this type of usage however. I really can't believe there isn't a way to change it to something a little more.... ALERT'ish... like where it's something unique and recognizable as an Arlo alert instead of being mixed in with a hundred other apps making the same alert sound throughout the day. I've really become tone deaf to it.  I've only had it an afternoon, but this is my only nick on the system so far.  Too bad it's a big one.  Please fix this somehow. ....soon.


Yes they need to really have an option to change the notification sound for iOS. My car just got broken in this morning around 3:16am. The notification for the Arlo is not unique. I was awake around that time too and I thought it was probably my slickdeals app or email app alerting me. I found out 15 mins later when I just happen to check my phone.