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Cameras utilize siren separately from Base Station

It would be great if Arlo Q could somehow trigger the siren in the New Pro Base. It seems it would be more effective and there would be far less false alarm soundings. I have 4 outside cameras, I'm guessing the siren will be going off more than I want with false alerts. Whereas indoors when the home is empty, there should'nt be any false alarms. I'm way more concerned about someone getting into the home than a delivery to my front door.


It would be nice to enable Arlo-Q (VMC304r6) could trigger the Arlo Pro base station (VMB4000r3) alarm. This would enable me to unify my home monitoring regardless of which Netgear camera is used. Unifying the ability to manage the cameras in a single app only solves half of the problem.


The way it is now is like having cameras from two different vendors. 


Definitelty concur.  Recommend an external weatherporrf alarm just like the arlo security light.


What about Arlo Chime? Would that work?


Another Idea other than alarming through cameras, it would also be nice to be able to push alarms through app onto cell phone in the different mode setting that you may have. Some of my mode settings are just to record and others are to alarm for when a sleep at home or away from home, so it would be nice instead of getting notification on phone to also have an alarm setting notification.

Hi Arlo.

Are there any plans to bring out a siren that will be compatible for the Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus? This would be a great feature to have when the indoor cameras detect motion in the property. Arlo Q Could be the perfect alarm system

Batteries should  be charged by a solar charger that , charge turns on automatically  when discharged and off when charged . Sirens should be much louder and on cameras out side


It must be easier to turn on and off sirene to each camera.