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Cameras utilize siren separately from Base Station

It would be great if Arlo Q could somehow trigger the siren in the New Pro Base. It seems it would be more effective and there would be far less false alarm soundings. I have 4 outside cameras, I'm guessing the siren will be going off more than I want with false alerts. Whereas indoors when the home is empty, there should'nt be any false alarms. I'm way more concerned about someone getting into the home than a delivery to my front door.

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Totally agree - just bought an Arlo Q expecting to be able to trigger the siren from it. I don't want outside cameras doing this however, inside for sure if movement I want the siren to activate. These should be integrated. I'll be looking to return the product unfortunately unless this feature is coming.

It would be great if the siren was not just on the base but actually coming from the outside of the camera.  I just realized tha I incorrectly informed someone that it was loud enough to hear outside of the house but that is not correct, you can hear it barely on my porch but inside the house it's extremely loud.  Also, it would be great if the camera that detects the motion or signal is the one that goes off or for the user to have the option to have all go off of only the one that triggered the incident.

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Status changed to: Implemented in latest product

It would be nice to have a portable wireless alarm seperate from the base unit siren. My base unit is upstairs and I sleep downstairs. Even at 100 decibels with my hearing and asleep it won't wake me up. An extra alarm the size of the camera with manual volume control would work great. A little peace of mind when sleeping with windows open during the heat waves.

Fire alarms in new homes all go off at the same time to wake people up for fire.


I have to revive this a bit.  Just bought 2 Arlo Q's specifically for this purpose with the false assumption (reinforced by the way it is advertised) that all Arlo cameras can operate as a single system.  I don't really understand the point of having each Q run as an independent device with no capability to tether to the base station.


This is such a disappointment and the continual response from the support of "the Arlo Q doesn't need to sync with the base station" regardless of the question was just dismal.  Seems from JamesC responses over the last 18 months that this capabilitily will not see the light of day anytime soon.


Unfortunate outcome for a promising platform


This is an absolutely needed feature.  The base station may not be audible from outside, and the point of a siren is to scare off an intruder.  You already have a speaker on the Arlo Pro cameras, why not broadcast an alarm over those speakers when the Siren is triggered?


If you have heard, or tested, the alarm feature of the Arlo base station, you know how ear splitting it is. Imagine if we could push that sound to the cameras, both individually or all at once. Any burglar, animal, drunk or general mischevious behavior would immediately change course. 


Would love to know everyones thoughts!

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Yes,this is a great idea! I was thinking the same thing when I purchased my Arlo Pro 2 set up today. I want the camera to deter a possible intruder before they enter the home. By allowing the alert siren to come directly from the camera itself when the camera detects motion it would absolutely be the ultimate deterent!