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Cameras Still Show Live and Record When Firmware Update is Pending

I received a pending firmware notification while I was away. This disabled my Arlo system, so I couldn't view live cameras and it didn't record anything. This is unacceptable.

It wouldn't let me update the firmware from my phone app until I returned home 2 days later and connected to my home WiFi network (why?)

If a firmware update is pending, it should never disable any function of the system; operation should continue as normal until you are able to update firmware. Please correct this immediately.

Also, please can you investigate why the firmware wouldn't update until I got home and connected to my home WiFi network. It refused to update using the app while on mobile data or connected to any other WiFi network. This is a major problem and defeats the purpose of having an update button to run it remotely.

A security system, whose purpose is to run while you are away from home, which won't update while you're away and disables itself if an update is pending is a seriously broken (and clearly untested) system.


Not my experience, after reading about some firmware issues I chose not to upgrade either the base station or the camera's yet I am still able to record and view my Arlo 1 & Arlo Pro cameras.