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Bring back Apple TV app for Arlo

I would like to see Arlo bring back the Apple TV app.

I thought it was great when it was supported, and now it would be even better with the Arlo Video Doorbell. My kids can check who is at the door on the Apple TV when I am not home as they do not have devices to do so otherwise.

I still have the Arlo app for Apple TV installed on 3 different Apple TV’s, but they are no longer supported as the app does not support two factor identification.

It would be nice to see an update to this app....



Agreed, the old app still works but not for doorbell which is dumb since they're all on the same Arlo hub.


Really disappointing 


Please bring back Apple TV Home Kit support for the Arlo Doorbell. I have Apple TV on all my monitors in the house and it was one of the main reasons why I bought the Doorbell. Also, I hope that the doorbell will support the new Apple HomePod that is being released. Please, make your product better with updates... not worse!