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Bring Back Large Preview Tiles for iPad

Hi there, 


At some point in the past 3 months (I am not sure which version) the preview tiles were changed to be really small on iPad iOS.  Although i understand the change, please allow for the option to have the larger preview tiles as well.  For example, when only using 2 cameras, I would like to see the split screen option (in portrait mode) to see both my Arlo baby monitors as large as possible.  With an iPad on my nightstand as my baby monitor, it is really hard to see what my two little ones are doing on the small preview tiles.

Arlo Moderator

We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


I second this request. Even better, I wish I could control how many cameras to display and that the tiles would scale to fill the  screen based on the number of tiles to be displayed.


Switched from an Amazon Fire HD to an iPad.  Bought the Fire HD for the sole purpose of using it as a baby monitor for our 2 arlo baby cams.  Overall the app worked well but the Fire HD was glitchy and crashed a lot, leading us to just buy an iPad for the same purpose

The android app worked flawlessly when previewing both baby cams.  The 2 were side by side in landscape, and one over the other in portrait, which maximized the screen.  On the iOS app, the previews are like thumbnails and is nearly impossible to see whats going on.  In portrait the two previews are almost as wide as they can go, but switching to landscape they are the same size, leaving TONS of screen space unused.  Why is this????  also if you manually zoom in on one of the thumbnail size previews to see the baby better, if you switch the devices orientation it automatically zooms out again

Spent a lot of money on a baby monitor since arlo doesn't make their own and the app makes it nearly worthless

Anyone have any idea how to expand the thumbnail previews of the baby cams (I know how to make 1 take up the entire screen but I need to see both at the same time), or can Arlo fix thier crap iOS app!?!?!?!




Monitoring two cameras in a larger format would be extremely helpful!!  Please work on this. 


+1 This is a critical flaw when using more than camera.



just bought a new larger ipad to watch my two cameras... but the windows are tiny! Please fix this 


Same here. Using two cameras for two babies but the windows stay small when viewing both on the iPad.


Has this been already fixed? It not, when will this be added to an update?


Come on Arlo! A reply pls?


Looks like a basic GUI fix/ reversion.

So I have 1 baby and 1 arlo baby camera...I’m planning on having another baby and was thinking of getting another Arlo baby but I’ve read I’ll be unable to view the babies in large images on my iPad. The thumbnail images are basically useless for monitoring a baby. I really want to be able to view both cameras large enough so that they will fill the iPad screen. I understand that this is possible on Android but I don’t have Android!
Do Arlo have plans to make this functionality work with Apple? If not, I’ll be purchasing a Nanit for the other baby as I’d be needing to view them on another device anyway if I stick with Arlo baby.