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Base Station battery backup in case power outage

I bought 2 atlo systems ( I have 2 houses) set it up on Friday and left town wed because of hurricane Hermine was coming,  it came, and the power went out for 2 days, when it came back on the camera batteries were dead.  and the system was useless when needed most.  


I understand that with the power out so is the wifi and router as well as the camera system and also understand that a fix has been added to the cameras to help prevent rapid battery drain.


Pehaps a battery backup in the base to eliminate this scenario would be bendfecial.  or a strong suggestion to provide a personal ups for the base and router.  


I like the system very much, but, I was ready to take both units back to the store because they let me down when needed most.  I have one camera back on line and batteries coming for the 2nd camera. and will now keep both and give them a try.


Patring thought,  a current operators manual would be very beneficial, an online pdf version that could be updated as needed by netgear.


A good sized UPS would handle the base power for a time...How long depends on the size of the UPS vs the power drain.


Two days is prob to long for any small backup system that might be with the unit. And in reality, any system, including wired, would prob fail after 2 days.... You would need aprox 250 aHrs of power to keep a sytem up at 5a draw ( as long as cable doesn't faill too )

That's prob the equivlant of 3+ car batteries.( avg car batt is 80-100aHr )


( btw several users here already run UPSs on their systems for short term power failures, esp in vac home where it may take a few hours to get to. Mine keeps the base, router and modem up )

If the power goes out, the internet is out, so then is the Arlo system.
Battery back up for the base station is needed to mitigate this.
Then, provide a cellular back up to transmit video.
It's no different than a generator kicking on when a residentisl power failure occurs.
Arlo System + Battery Back Up + Cellular Back Up = Solid Solution!
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The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the communities contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on it's potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


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Next base station should have a battery backup built in. Love the system, but to reiterate what others have stated, sucks if there is a power outage or breaker box switch is flipped.


It would be great if the Base station could have a backup rechargable Battery inside so if any of us customers would suffer a Power Cut the base station would still work allowing the cameras to operate and still record .


 Just an FYI - you need to power more than the base for this to be useful.  The modem and router also need to be powered.


Yes thats true so maybe the Internet companies could hop on board as do this so if we ever suffered a power cut we can still carry on as normal to some sort of degree.


Moderatly sophisticated intruders can easily cut a broadband line and even power rendering the arlo security system practically useless.

For future base stations I'd suggest you include a sim card option so the base station can use a cellular network for notifications  and  internal rechargeable battery.


For existing base stations it would be nice to have a sim card module that could be connected via the base staton's usb port.


Hint for power outage: UPS. Keep your router, modem and Arlo connected to it and you're good.


Hint for broadband cut: conceal the cables.


Hint for broadband outage: buy a router that switches to 4G when main connection is down, like this one: (band 12 - the fastest and longest LTE to date) or this one (not sure about supported bands).


It would be very nice if Netgear provide a backup battery. Similar to my setup using a USB battery pack which is charged by the plug and the camera is conected to the battery, however more integration would be appreciated. The battery icon (instead of the plug) showing when battery status when there is a power failure.


In order for this to work you would need to connect to your router to a UPS so the camera will stay online.