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Backup Arlo to DropBox automatically

For those of us with a Dropbox Pro account, it would be nice if Netgear offered an integration with Dropbox to automatically archive the footage for safe keeping. I get what you're trying to do and make us pay a monthly fee to view video prior to 7 days ago, but if this is to be taken seriously as competitive security camera it would be nice to see archived footage. When I want my footage, I should not have to manually download it one video at a time.


At minimum, there needs to be an Arlo API to retrieve videos...something to automate this process.


A workaround is to PM me your email address so I can send you a Python script that can be used to manually or, through a computer's scheduling capability, automatically download all videos.  You can set up Dropbox as the repository if you like.


@jguerdatwould love to get ahold of that Python script. I'll PM you, but it would be great to open this up to the community.


It's a work in progress with recent modifications and cleanup. It can now be found on GitHub:


- Uploads directly to dropbox (no need to sync from your dropbox folder)
- Separate configuration file so no need to have your credentials in the script itself
- Keeps track of what has been uploaded so does not do it twice
- Appends the video duration to the filename so it is easy to find the “interesting” videos

BTW, I still have the original if anyone wants it.


Just uploaded version 3.0

- Automatically concatenates videos if the gap between them is less than X (configurable) seconds

- More code factoring

- Skip cameras if not in the arlo.conf file

- Debug mode by default, as to not corrupt the saved state

- Initialize saved state without having to re-download everything


Next on the list

- Add running recording time on the video image itself



- Google Drive backend