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Back up to Two-step verification

Regarding the Two-Step Verification: Two-Step Verification (TSV) needs to be improved or maybe I just need support.... Shouldn't a back-up device be allowed to authorize?

If the component that is 'the' trusted device (my phone) is turned off, out of power, out of service area or otherwise unavailable, how does one authorize another device? No notification shows up on 'another trusted device' or my wife's phone. Looks like (and I have tested) if the primary devise is unavailable, no access will be allowed into the ARLO account.  

Shouldn't a back-up device be allowed to authorize if the PRIMARY is unavailable? Mike

Arlo Moderator

Hi Michael2016,


If you don't have your primary device available to authorize another device, you should be able to choose a different way to verify such as sending the code to your through your email address that is linked to your Arlo account or a text to your phone number.



I have attempted several time to post a question on the Arlo app community board.  Each time I post, the program directs me to supply a label.  I have tried multiple labels and used labels used by other posted questions.  Still, have no ability to post.  Is something going on?  Any suggestions?



You are truly amazing.  Seconds after I sent you the above question, the program accepted my question!!!  You are the best.