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Arm function for Amazon Alexa and WeMo switch to turn on when Arlo camera detects motion

I was in the midst of a chat with Arlo tech support and it was suggested I submit an idea.


It seems obvious that in the near future we will be able to arm and disarm the Arlo using Amazon Echo through the IFTTT program. Suddenly I feel it is best to only use the arm function. I sure wouldn't want some crook to disarm the Arlo using the Amazon echo.


Plus I would like Arlo to turn on my WeMo switch connected to the lights when motion is detected. I want a very clear video of the crook


IFTTT makes it seem we can do that right now. Apparently, we cannot...yet


Sure wish you guys would speed up the process as I'm tired of waiting





Agreed. False advertising that it works with Alexa and Echo, but only with the Show (and even then it's not consistent from what I have seen). I want to be able to say a code phrase that i can customize for arming and disarming cameras. IFTTT does not work either. 


I think it would be great to arm/disarm Arlo with Alexa; however, it should allow a user created passcode of some sort. That way someone can't break in and simply yell Alexa disarm.

In my thinking, a person would have to know the name assigned to the camera in order to disarm it, which basically gives one password protection. E.g. I could assign the name PLUTO to my camera. My voice command would be ALEXA ARM PLUTO.

Yes this is my exact thinking. I can customize the name and the trigger so only those that live here know how to arm and disarm. 


It would be great to fully control Arlo Pro cameras through Alexa. Such as "alexa disarm the rear camera"

Arlo Moderator

Thanks for posting your idea! Our development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate your contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. 


This feature would be great!

Can we get enough people going to get some Voice Control going over our modes? I would really like to be able to have alexa or google "tell arlo to arm itself" or "Active party mode!" Or "activate firepit mode" or "Active pool party mode" or "BBQ mode" maybe i want a multi color wonderland in my back yard. Maybe i want some quiet time by the fire. Or MAYBE JUST MAYBE i dont want my notifications blowing up while im cooking outside with friends or family. Maybe, my phone isnt with me or i have raw chicken on my hands and want to just yell the mode out and have it followed. This is listed under lights but really i couldnt list it everywhere and it should be. Maybe i w as nt my cameras to still record, but i dont want my ultra spot lights going off to ruin the mood. But still sometimes crazy sh...tuff happens at a party and you still want the cameras rolling. Id like to be able to call out my scene and have my bridges and base station all set with one command. Sure its gonna take some fine tuning and time to create a scene. But hey! That would be a dream. Can we get this bandwagon started guys?

 I would like to be able to use Alexa to arm or disarm my ultra on all or individual cameras, also a massage if that would be possible would be great 👍


 Keep up the great work love my product 😃🤪


I’m really upset about the false advertising of this product. It states it works with Alexa on the box. It does not state it only works with Alexa show or certain models of Fire TV.  I want the ability to arm/disarm the system and now I’m stuck.  This is a violation of truth in advertising.