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Arlo Q - Direct Connect (Baby Monitor)

I am going to suggest a great much needed idea. Please support this so that netgear implements. Currently there is much lag when operating the Arlo q in live mode. So much lag that is makes live mode pretty much useless for monitoring a baby. Currently I have a 5-10 second delay in live mode and am connected at 60Mbps. The reason for this is that connecting through the netgear servers adds the delay to what you see on your device.

This is very easily solved my a minor enhancement. Arlo needs to be updated to allow a direct connect feature where if you are on the same network as Arlo q (home) you can enable from your smart device to connect directly to the Arlo q bypassing the servers. This would allow true real time live mode and ability to truly see if your baby needs help now (not 15 seconds ago). Arlo could name this feature "baby mode". Not very complicated with great benefits!

While in live mode (baby monitor mode) it would also be great if motion detection could be enabled and alert (ie you are watching your baby sleep in live mode. You don't want to stare at the screen for 8 hours so it would be nice to have an alert when baby moves in live mode.). Using the motion activated recording is useless for this. Takes to long to connect in to live view.

What I am asking for here can be used not just for baby monitor but other applications as well. It is such an easy change that I'm sure if others backed the need for this netgear would respond. It is in their favour since it will open them to the baby monitor market with a camera that can be used after the baby grows up as a security camera. Currently, it is a lawsuit waiting to happen where someone misses their baby choking by the 15s delay. You catch my drift. Thanks for listening.

I can cofirm that the longer you watch the live view session the more lag you experience. For example, during the first 5 minutes of watching live view the lag is about 2-3 sec, in the next 5 minutes of watching the same live view session the lag is increasing to 5-10 seconds. Just imagine if you watch a movie in a separate room and want to keep an eye on your baby in his room, after 1 hour the lag is about 30 seconds...


Bought two brand new Arlo Q couple  days back for baby monitoring.


Experiencing 10 second lag in video;  attempting to talk over this camera with such a lag would be a joke.




Netgear - up your game or loose to competitors.


Absolutely astounded and feeling decieved.  I purchased this camera specifically to keep watch on my Mother that lives alone.  The performance is unacceptable.  I have relied on Netgear products for years, but considering they have completely ignored concerns voiced on this forum, coupled with the fact that the product does not even work as advertised, I think it's time for a change.   So damn angry about this!


It is funny to see how they don't even accept the fact that they have lied to their customers. This is totally unacceptable!


Here is a proof of theirfalse advertisement - screenshot from their webpage back in mid October 2016:





and look what they have on this webpage now:


Arlo | 404 Error 2017-01-04 11-04-09.png

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Status changed to: Implemented in latest product

The Arlo Baby camera offers a Direct WiFi streaming capability that significantly reduces latency when your streaming device is connected to the same WiFi network. For more information on Arlo Baby, see here: What new features does Arlo Baby offer?


Hi JamesC,


Your telling us that the new feature of "Direct Connect" is going to be in a new product release this spring rather than the current Arlo Q products?  Wow, what a joke...  Guess people with the Arlo Q are SOL, guess I'll be throwing these useless products out the window... Can Netgear's development team not improve the Arlo Q's latency or they just forget about customers who have this issue and moving onwards...?



Dear james,
This is great news because netgear admit that latency on actual product isn't able to match with the babycam needs.

So how do you think to fix all arlo already sold with the promise of babycam?

Please release new firmware asap and you will have thousand beta testers for your new and amazing expensive babytool. Beta tester free of cost and still happy to be arlo based.

Thank you

What a JOKE!... Haha! Oh Man... Can't believe it.... Yeah, I have followed their lies about baby cam capabilities and purchased 2 Arlo Q cameras ($398) in order after 6 months just to buy another cameras ($250 each) that they again advertise as baby cams??? This is such a cheap move since I know lots of people bought this Arlo Q as a Baby Cam.


And yes, good job on deleting my screenshots prooving that you as a company lied to your loyal customers... Luckily everyone can go to and see what tha webpage looked like last year.




Is there a program in place or that can be CREATED  that would "upgrade" the exisiting product in the field to accomodate the new Arlo Baby functionality. It seems like there are quite a a few people that purchased the product with the SPECIFIC intent of real time monitoring


Thx Bill