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Arlo Pro Siren to be "DING!"

It looks as if there are limited options for the alarm being triggered by movement on the camera.  It would be nice if movement could simply trigger an audible "DING" ( or "DONG").  For instance, if there is a camera at the front door you and you are in the house you could hear that someone is walking up. 

Have the ability to select the type of alert coming out of the speaker on the base etc. For example a chime sound instead of a siren would be useful for driveway or door etc.

Agreed, a doorbell chime would be a great feature


+1 Doorbell dingdong feature 😜 (custom sounds or variable chimes via base station AND pro-camera's microphone)

Not all the time we hold the phone on hand, some time phone put on silent,
So we need small config setup base station make small sound like ding dong or beep beep to arler owner showing at specific camera, the volum or sound Can customize will be best..
This will replace my auto ring bell..
Vote if you like this 💡 ideal
With my Ring doorbell, there is an alert (from the ring chime) when motion is detected.. This is a simple sound, that also alerts the dog or someone else in the house that does not have the app that someone is in one of the zones/ I can program each doorbell to have a different sound. for each device. This should be a simple upgrade feature for the Arlo camera system. Not only does this make the camera/base station more secure, it competes with Ring for security camera features.

I too think this would be an awesome feature. The Ring cameras offer a Ring Chime that is a separate device plugged into an outlet, however it makes a noise of your choosing when motion is detected on your camera. I have since switched to Arlo, and I am really missing this feature. It would be awesome if the base station, or even a separate device could be created that courld serve this purpose.


I was also wondering if any of the connectable devices, such as the Amazon Echo Show or Dot, have the feature of showing or sounding motion alerts?? If anyone knows if they do, please let me know!


This is a GREAT idea.  This should be done immediately.  I have a dog that keeps escaping from my back yard, if my arlos would provide an audible alert (NOT EAR PIERCING SIREN), I'd be able to catch him and keep him from roaming the neighborhood.  Ideas like this would cause the Arlo to expand its customer base.



JamesC: What is the status of this request? I really need the outdoor "ding/gong/chime" feature and are now looking on other systems like "Ring" and "Nest".  Hate to leave Arlo but....