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Arlo Pro Siren to be "DING!"

It looks as if there are limited options for the alarm being triggered by movement on the camera.  It would be nice if movement could simply trigger an audible "DING" ( or "DONG").  For instance, if there is a camera at the front door you and you are in the house you could hear that someone is walking up. 


I agree, that would be a nice notification. Similar to the way a home security system dings / beeps when door or exterior motion is detected. Could be a pre-recorded / saved sound wave type file that Camera's speaker could play. On that same thought path, multiple audio files so if motion is detected at different places (driveway vs Ft Door) each could have a unique ding or even a sound wave played. 


I agree.

My situation might be somewhat unique, but we have a small carriage house that we use as an office. Being able to add additional chimes or speakers paired to your system would be great.

I'd I think it would be nice to have a weather-proof external siren/speaker that i could trigger and either speak through or set off as a siren remotely.

I use my Arlos with a home alarm system… so I am somewhat good on the indoor siren front.

I would also like this option. I use Arlo for my home security and these alerts aren't always loud enough. If I am sleeping I would like the option to set a different (louder) alert that would wake me if someone is entering my home.
How do we get Netgear's attention for this request?
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The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. While I do not have any information on this particular topic at this time, we greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation.


I encourage you to continue offering valuable feedback and continue to support good ideas by giving Kudos.




That's really great to hear! Thank you for passing along, JamesC.

I would like to have different schedule for security cameras and not all at same time, also I'm using my system for overnight only, at my parking driveway to protec my work van and my tools in it. The alerts are so short and unoticiable when you're sleeping. I would like sinse this is an app a full control over my alerts and schedule for each.
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This can be accomplished by setting up custom modes/rules and using them with the schedule feature. For more information on how to set up custom modes and rules and using the schedule, see here:


How do I create a mode for my Arlo Wire-Free camera?

How can I set a schedule for my camera in my Arlo account?






I think the need here is to shorten the alarm to 1/2 second (or less even) -- to make it more of a notification beep or chirp instead of a house-ratlting alarm siren. From what I recall, the lowest setting is FAR longer than that.


Here's an example: my cameras are all setup outside.  The "alarm" functionality is somewhat useless inside -- it won't really scare away a prowler outside in my yard, but will wake up the entire house (which is not what i need).  Instead, if I could be alerted with a short chrip, I would pull up my app and check if it's a human or a raccoon.



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