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Arlo Doorbell motion sensitivity adjustment

I just got an Arlo Audio Doorbell. I need to be able to adjust the motion detection. Large vehicles trigger the doorbell as well as pedestrians on the sidewalk. I would like to turn the sensitivity down.
It would be nice to have a notification as somebody is approaching the door. What I don't want is notifications when cars and pedestrians are passing by.

As mentioned in the title,


I cannot believe that the arlo doorbell is not yet part of a motion trigger condition in the modes,


Stop releasing new products (like the video doorbell) if you dont add simple and expected logical functionality like this.


It's annoying that if its linked to a camera, you can either turn on / turn off the motion, but this brakes with whatever mode you have set,


if I have a geofence with schedule disarming/arming, means every time I go out of my house into my lawn, or my kid goes outside to play, the camera and doorbell will eat the batery like crazy because the doorbell with motion on doesn't respect the active mode (schedule - disarmed).



I emailed Arlo customer support about this & got no reply. I turned off vehicle motion but it still notifies for every vehicle that’s in the street  driving by ( easy 40’ distant!) The Ring offers motion sensitivity and Arlo needs to also or at least what they offer should be effective. Right now I mute it for 24 hrs every 24 hrs!  Then batch delete vehicle videos. This motion sensitivity issue should be #1 fix. But, it has great video and sound. I’m very pleased to have it and it was pretty easy install. Thanks and please do better!