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Arlo Doorbell motion sensitivity adjustment

I just got an Arlo Audio Doorbell. I need to be able to adjust the motion detection. Large vehicles trigger the doorbell as well as pedestrians on the sidewalk. I would like to turn the sensitivity down.
It would be nice to have a notification as somebody is approaching the door. What I don't want is notifications when cars and pedestrians are passing by.

Same here - it picks up every car that drives by. Now I ignore all motion notifications on it and thus it becomes useless as a notification that someone is actually approaching the house.


It really needs to have sensitivity adjustments just like the cameras do.

Arlo Employee
Status changed to: Future Consideration
Would love to be able to adjust the sensitivity on this. It falsely notifies me a lot. Hope to see a fix soon.

I'm getting notifications when cars go by too. There needs to be a way to adjust the sensitivity or this is just a useless function. 


I agree, and feel exactly the same way. 


already have a Ring Floodlight Cam that records all motion, so I really wanted something that would only alert me when someone was actually/really at the door, since my Floodlight Cam can't because it would be notifying me all the time (as is this now, so it defeats the purpose for which I bought it).  It's a shame, because the concept of this product is awesome, but much better than the actual practical implementation. 


I love when things are touchy and accurate, but this thing actually fires notifications even when there is absolutely NO motion whatsoever (and this is verified).


I hope they can find a way to fix this via software, or at least let us know if that's not possible.


I need this feature also


I sure hope there is a fix soon.  I get notifications when vehicles go by and the street is 25'+ from the doorbell, quite annoying.  I'm considering returning this and getting something more useful.


if possible it would be great to adjust sensitivity of the movement detection of doorbell as trigger for recording with the connected cam