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Arlo Base Station notification if unpowered

I usually get a few notifications a week about camera activity. Last night, noticing there was no recent activity, I logged into my app and much to my surprise, the entire system was offline. I looked at the base station, and it appears someone unplugged it in our house a week ago when moving some stuff around, and never plugged it back in.


I was astonished to find out from tech support that there is in fact no courtesy reminder that the system was unpowered. While it would not make sense to have multiple reminders when someone takes it down purposely, a single notification or email would have been very very helpful, considering it had been monitoring the house since I installed it last autumn.


I get a notification if a camera battery is low, why could one not be generated if the whole system is powered off?




I agree! I think a simple notification or alert notifying you the base station went offline would be extremely helpful! This is home security after all! This is supposed to the thing thats always watching out for our homes, businesses, and our loved ones there! It would be nice to know when its not even online! I think many users have experienced issues with their system being down and times they were totally unaware for some time. 

A 'cloud security solution'' that can't monitor the health and availability of that "security solution' isn't a 'security solution', it's a novelty web-cam project.. Until Netgear implements a way to monitor the health of the base station and send notifications/emails on changes to the efficiency and effectiveness of the cameras and base station - it's a novelty security product that isn't ready for production.

Other Lower Quality Camera Systems such as BLINK provide Email Notification for Base Station & Also Cameras OFF-LINE after a short time delay!


I agree (for Arlo base Station also, not only for Arlo Pro)

Was going to post a similar idea. Having an alert if a camera is no longer connecting would make the system so much more reliable and useful.
ACL Fledgling

I agree... this is a very important feature that is needed.  At minimum store the time stamp so it can be accessed so we no the history of when power and bootup is restored.  


Seems like a basic programming change to notify of a power outage. 


I just bought a surge suppressor power supply to solve that problem.   Power will not turn off during power outage for hours.    


APC BN1500M2 Back-Ups with 10 Outlets

Item #2331500


A Surge Suppressor or UPS will not Assure that the Base Station is Alive!  The Power Could be Unplugged OR the Network Internet Cable Could Be Unplugged OR the Router/Modem Defective OR the Power Supply or the Base Station Itself Could be Defective and therefor the Cameras Would Not Work!  What is Needed is an Email & Text to be sent if the Base is Not Communicating with the Arlo Website (Blink Already Does This)!!!!