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Arlo Baby: ability to upload your own music

Today ArloBaby's music can only come from a predefined list in the cloud library, or recorded from a microphone.


Would be great to be able to add custom music, e.g. MP3 files.


Pretty please? 🙂


See additional discussion in the other part of the forum :





What about womb sounds? Like the one from baby einschlaf-hilfe? I’d love to play this on repeat. 


I'm guessing this is never going to happen as we have been waiting since 2017, such an easy fix to increase quality of life for parents (as different kids respond to different music). My child will be 18 and nothing will still happen, last time I buy netgear products. other companies actually care about their clients.


It would be nice if users could add their own music to the music playlist in the app section for the baby monitor

It would be nice to play my own music for my baby. There is also not much memory storage, so the song loop can be very repetitive. If there was Integration with music streaming services like Spotify, it would solve both of those problems.

Any update? How much longer are you waiting? Dismiss or support the idea please...

The music list is limited and aren’t very long so it becomes so repetitive. My baby can recognise certain music that I played when she was first born. She’s 6 months old now and I really love my Arlo camera..... but it would be awesome if I could upload music from my own playlists. This is a downfall that unfortunately prevents me from recommending to get an Arlo camera to all my friends and family. And the fact that the original post was posted over 2 years ago and still has not been made possible is very disappointing. Surely there has to be some reason why this idea hasn’t been made possible for us..... otherwise it would of been done.


Pretty disappointed that Arlo is not listening to the community and providing such a basic feature. While they do have a great product that deserves a 5 star, but without this basic feature thats available in all competitive products, I would say Arlo Baby deserves 1 star. Sad but true!


Adding custom music to the Arlo baby monitor is a basic feature request that has been pending for years. I realize that there is limited memory, but it should be very easy to swap the repetitive built in music with other much better songs.

If we can't add custom music, can we at least have more options on the cloud? Like Brown Noise, Water Rumble etc. Low base noises are actually better for infant sleep ,(hissy noise like white noise is good to soothe at start) so the experts say...
Ability to add songs and playlists from phone library for baby