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Arlo App for Android UI

The latest UI change for the Arlo App adds a delete button right where the Back arrow normally is for Android. I'm conditioned to touch the back button on any app to go back, not click an X to close.  Why did you put the delete video button where the back button is and the X (to close) on the top left corner, which nobody will use.  Additionally, the new playback screen allows you to swipe left and right to the next video.  Fine but the video window size is too small now. I have a Pixel 2 XL even.



Community Manager



Thanks for the feedback and screenshot, I will pass this along to the Arlo development team.




You'd think this would be something they would notice before publishing the thing. Let us know when there's a solution.


The app is really poorly designed.  It is NOT intuitive or user friendly.


  • FIX schedule so that the app realizes 10pm on day 1 is before 7am on day 2. You shouldn't have to set a schedule to go from 10pm-11:59pm and 12am-7am
  • Deleting Activity Zones (hold & slide to left) works IF you know about it.  Add a tutorial or help feature 
  • Deleting all videos by holding down 1 video to enable the odd/uncommon "select all" icon is not intuitive and unusual. Either add a help feature or just use the standard select, select all, deselect all icons/menu
  • Smart Alerts are hidden and should be under the camera setup. Going to the Smart Hub to find them is a waste
  • FIX Smart Alerts - I turned off Vehicles and "Other motion" but still get a tremendous amount of Alerts

Not sure who designed, developed and tested this app but it is worth 2-stars at most