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Apple HomeKit

To integrate arlo into the Apple Home Kit would be a great improvement.


Now I have a great camera system with an app, a weather station with an app and some other sensors in the Apple home kit and they do not work together. 


E.g. an alarm could be triggered by the motion sensor of the camera or the camera could be switched on by a door or windows sensor even if the motion sensor is not activated because the object is too far away and so on. There are a lot of possibilities with connecting the systems. 


Is this planned to do?


Yes. I was going to buy 5 of these cameras but I really need HomeKit compatibility first. Could you release a future hardware refresh of homekit. Look at the sales of ecobee. The homekit system really drives sales. Thanks!!!


I would like to see HomeKit integration as well.


The thing is, this can't be done with an firmware update. Netgear would need to put out a new bridge since Apple set certain requirements. That's why Philips (hue-system) had to release a new bridge with an Apple compatible chipset to work with HomeKit.


Anyway... I would buy a new bridge instantly if there's HomeKit support with it. And Apple is going to implement camera APIs in HomeKit with iOS 10.


So, please Netgear. New bridge - HomeKit support. Do it!!!

Agree HomeKit would be a huge benefit! All this would need is to replace the base station?

Definitely would like to see this feature added!


Another +1 for HomeKit integration


The question I have, is why wouldn't a company like NetGear want Arlo to work with as many integrated/IOT systems? The growing list of HomeKit supported devices are the premier products in their categories.


Security wize I'm not letting anything less than HomeKit enabled devices.

Since Homekit is reachable from Internet, I need no loose end that would allow a hacker to get into my network.


As far a iOT devices are concerned, only HomeKit certified hardware includes a dedicated security co-processor paired with 3072-bit keys and the very secure Curve25519 key exchange system (which is an encrypted key exchange system layered over the already strong 3072-bit key itself).


I call that home security!


So devices using only 128 or 256bits keys is not enough.

Their Kong Fu is not strong enough 🙂






Arlo Employee Retired

Thank you all for your product feedback! I am moving this post to the Idea Exchange, and merging it with the existing Arlo Home Kit idea submitted. Make sure you go give that idea kudos. The more kudos an idea gets, the better, as that tells developers it is something that is very important to our users.


It would be great if Arlo is integrated into Apple Home Kit so you have all your apps in one place


I agree with the comments.  Just purchased 8 Arlo wireless cameras for outside my home.  All my tech is Apple enabled and look forward to completely automating my home with Homekit via Apple TV.  I wish Arlo could be integrated.  If I found another similar product that was Homekit compatible I'd return Arlo.  I think many feel the same.