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Allowing more than 1 day at time to download and subscribe to 90 days cloud strorage

Hi I have two suggestions from a new customer.


1. Please allow more than 1 day at a time to be downloaded from the cloud preferable 30 days at time.


2. Please allow us to subscribe to 90 days cloud storage, most insurers require 90 days storage for any surveillance.




If you want lots of storage, download them proactively. 90 days will then have folks wanting more again.


I use a Python script to automatically download all my videos daily. If you would like it, PM me WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS (lots of folks don't do this so I'm shouting) and I'll email it out.


Yeah the only reason I wanted that extra storage is because the insurance company asked for it and I'm sure I won't be alone in that, some might not be as savvy or interested to setup their own back loading system and they will miss out on customers. It's not like they can't charge more for it and make it worth their while it's just more business. I will certainly send you a PM thanks.