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Alexa/Arlo speak detections

Lets get the app updated so the Alexa can speak the Alro's motion detection alerts. I appreciate the phone notifications, BUT if I'm in my home walking around I normally don't have my phone on me and would like to be vocally notified if there's motion detected around the outside of my home without having to go through lengthy IT "hacks" to get Alexa to vocalize the detection. I believe it would be a beneficial and a great way to upsell your system. Hoping this gets added soon Smiley Happy

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Status changed to: Implemented

We appreciate everyone's patience regarding this.


This feature is now available where your Alexa enabled device can make an announcement or trigger a third-party Smart Home device when motion is detected on one of your Arlo cameras. Feel free to read this article to learn how to have Amazon Alexa trigger when motion is detected: How do I trigger an Amazon Alexa device when motion is detected on my Arlo camera?