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Alerts Should Lead Directly to Live View OR Recording and eliminate the constant login requirement

I've experimented with several security cameras over the past few weeks, and Ring has the best alerting implementation BY FAR. When a motion alert is received from Ring, it leads directly to a Live View of the event. If you view the alert some time AFTER the event, it leads directly to the Recording of the event. I never precisely timed this, but if roughly 20 to 30 seconds had elapsed after the motion event occurred, Ring was smart enough skip the live view, and take you to the recording. This was MUCH more elegant and faster than what Netgear is doing now with Arlo.


Nest also has a nice alerting method that shows a short video clip of the event embedded in the alert itself. Apparently this has been previously suggested on this forum, and it is marked as coming soon...which is great!


I'm currently testing Blink XT as well as Arlo Pro 2. Arlo is SIGNIFICANTLY higher quality than Blink, but I am really surprised that I can get to the Blink event video faster than Arlo's. Blink's alert always leads directly to the event. No additional taps or logins. This still isn't better than Ring's method, but it shows that Netgear has some work to do.


If embedded alert videos are coming soon, then my suggestion is to blend this with the Ring implementation. If we view the alert quickly, send us directly to the Live View. If we view the alert later, send us to the Recording. No additional taps or delays. While you're at it, eliminate the constant login requirement. My phone is very secure already.


Ok... What's up with post formatting? My suggestion:


If we view an alert quickly, send us directly to the Live View. If we view the alert later, send us to the Recording. No additional taps or delays.


While you're at it, eliminate the constant login requirement. My phone is very secure already.


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I was also wondering what was going on.... That's really intuitive, I think not!!!

I agree with other posters. Why force us to login again. My iPhone and iPad are least give the users the choice!


Viewing the video is delayed ss we are forced  to go through this step. 


It would be more useful to click the notification and be taken directly to the live feed or recording in the library. 


I just wrote the same type of request and then saw your post. Totally agree. Havig to log in and navigate before you can interact when there is already a 3-5 second delay really limits the ability to effectively interact via the device. I would like to see options in the settings to incorporate the live feed being instantly received when motion triggers. Everyone may not want that, but having it available is huge when you want to deter someone from standing on your doorstep. 


To Netgear,

Please consider implementing the OP's suggestions. Our devices are already encrypted/password/fingerprint/etc levels of protection. The unfortunate reality is that I have not once been able to use the speaker function on the arlo pro 2 cameras in time with delivery people or the thief who stole a package from my front door last week. I have been very frustrated trying to log in/ wait for event to load/ go to live/ turn on microphone/ etc. by this time the event is already over and usually takes around 50 seconds to boot up.


Any updates in the future firmware should consider a more direct path from the motion alert notification.





Agreed.  Instant live view is preferred.  Getting an alert and being able to view or react takes much too long.  There's no point if it's too late... Might as well just use a cheap system and review video clips after your package is stolen or a potential robber has already creeped around your house.


Agreed! Great suggestion. 


I agree with this. You shouldn't have to wait to see what's going on once it gets done buffering.  It shoukd be able to. Pop up to live view and record at the same time so you have proof of what happened.   I also asked for still pics as a feature.  Maybe a 3 round burst  or 5 round. It would save battery life as well. It should be customizable.  The features are there when in live mode and shouldn't be a big deal to set a trigger


I thought this was a bug when I first got my arlo system. It makes absolutely no sense to go to a live view when you click on a notification that is more than ~30 seconds old. I went to chat support to file a bug request and they jerked me around for over 2 hours making me reset cameras and reinstall the app because "that is the process" before finally telling me that it is working as intended. Very frustrated with support. Did they not do any usability testing on this feature? IMO it is quite obvious that live view isn't useful more than 30s after an event happens.


Edit: Now that I think about it this issue should be *very* easy to fix for the arlo dev team. In pseudocode:


if(event.timeStamp < 30.seconds.ago){

   //open the event in the library

} else {

  //open the live view