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Alerting Mechanism for Base Station / Camera Offline

There should be a way for a user to create an alert whenever the base station or cameras go offline.  I have been dealing lately with our base station going offline and not finding out until it's too late and our batteries have died from searching for the signal forever. I have spent copious amount of time dealing with support, and some of the suggestions are not practical.  I am just to think of concerted efforts to be proactive with monitoring this situation.  Just as with motion alerts and low battery notifications, we should be able to set or get notifications if the base station goes offline.  


I'd love to receive an alert on my phone if the Arlo/Netgear server loses communication with my base station, or if the base station loses communication with a camera, while motion detection is on.


My guess is that this would require a level of connection that doesn't exist between base and server, but it would be great to know when the system isn't working, through power or internet loss.


I am surprised that there is no way for notifications to be sent ether text or email that a camera, or cameras, are offline. The only way to know is to keep checking the cameras on a frequent basis. Same can be said for low batteries. Notificaitons need to be sent via text or email.

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I can see the value in this type of notification. Thank you for the suggestion!



Happened to me once, I thought the camera was tampered or stolen. Can't figure out til I got home. Love to see this feature developed.

Please add this feature!


Worried about someone tampering with cameras, they aren't recording when I'm not home and I know they should be because of the other people I live with coming and going.


Just a simple notification of if one or more cameras go offline at any time would be great.


A very good idea, cstewart58. This functionality is critical. You get kudos from me.


This happened to me today. Totally lost trust on this system. If i didnt happen to check the camera today i probably didnt know that it is offline and left house with false belif that my house is properly guarded.


now i probably need to keep checking the system since i have no trust that system is properly working. And feels like i am stuck with the system rather than feeling great on my decision to buy this.


Also one of my friend bought this because of my recommendation and now i feel guilty and embrassed that i recommended my friend a bad one.. 


Also notification of camera being offline is one but also it should notify me when base station goes offline due to some reason such as no internet.


otherwise how one knows the system is actually up and running without checking every seconds?

Want the same!


i would like to suggest a mail notification to be sent by email when the base station(s) is offline.


thank you


Or if a camera goes offline when the system is armed.