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Alerting Mechanism for Base Station / Camera Offline

Our installation will be very remote beach house. There is a need for mains failure detection in case intruder has deliberately switched of the power. This would be a nice sofware update feature.


Unfortunatly, This system is now outdated. Yesterdays technology. Better more intuitive products out there that WILL alert you that your system is off line. In the process of upgrading.


It really is APPALLING that this feature has not been implemented yet!!!


I think I mentioned a while back that they should have had this functionality at launch. There is no reason the cameras cannot be pinged or check-in every 30mins or so to determine if they are connected or not.

Netgear seem to just want to release new products, cameras with just a little tweak here and there yet they cannot be bothered to throw a few thousand dollars at a developer to add some much needed and basic features to the system.


They should be ashamed of themselves especially since people have been asking for this for such a long time! 😞


I agree. A notification when the base station is offline would be most helpful. At least them you know when something is amiss. 


I used mine one day and now the base is offline and I am 80 miles away and no chance of going there till nect week. There should be a way to send a reset just like xfinity internet can be reset with their app.

Definitely needed. If the camera is offline I want to know about it before something happens, I need the footage and don't have it. 


Its not even that difficult to implement. I would do it myself if I had the SSID password for the Netgear base station. Just use freeware to monitor the IP Addresses or hostnames and its a doddle. 


I usually get a few notifications a week about camera activity. Last night, noticing there was no recent activity, I logged into my app and much to my surprise, the entire system was offline. I looked at the base station, and it appears someone unplugged it in our house a week ago when moving some stuff around, and never plugged it back in.


I was astonished to find out from tech support that there is in fact no courtesy reminder that the system was unpowered. While it would not make sense to have multiple reminders when someone takes it down purposely, a single notification or email would have been very very helpful, considering it had been monitoring the house since I installed it last autumn.


I get a notification if a camera battery is low, why could one not be generated if the whole system is powered off?




I agree! I think a simple notification or alert notifying you the base station went offline would be extremely helpful! This is home security after all! This is supposed to the thing thats always watching out for our homes, businesses, and our loved ones there! It would be nice to know when its not even online! I think many users have experienced issues with their system being down and times they were totally unaware for some time. 


This is definately needed to have a device offline notification.  There is no reason this cannot be implemented.  We get low battery notifications but nothing when a camera just goes offline.  

A 'cloud security solution'' that can't monitor the health and availability of that "security solution' isn't a 'security solution', it's a novelty web-cam project.
A 'cloud security solution'' that can't monitor the health and availability of that "security solution' isn't a 'security solution', it's a novelty web-cam project.. Until Netgear implements a way to monitor the health of the base station and send notifications/emails on changes to the efficiency and effectiveness of the cameras and base station - it's a novelty security product that isn't ready for production.