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Add the photo back to email notifications

Please add the photo back to email notifications. I find this feature to be an important and quick way to monitor my cameras.


Yes, many folks in the community are very disappointed that Arlo has decided to remove this very useful feature.  See some related posts below.  Suggest that you raise a support ticket to further support our concerns.

This was one of the most important features that arlo had. Getting rid of it is nuts.

Now i have to open every notification to see what’s going on.

Terrible move.

I noticed a few days ago that i am not longer receiving Preview Pictures in my Arlo E-mail Notifications.  This is extremely frustrating as the images helped to show if the notification was relevant or not.  


Without it, I've got to open and download each video clip in turn, taking a long time and increasing the load on your servers.

How can I get the preview image back in the e-mails ASAP???  Please help as this is a terrible move on Arlo's end if this was intentional.


It is absolutely disgusting that your support suggestion is that I should come here and BEG you to bring back old basic essential features.


You are a disgrace.

Please refund me immediately.

Arlo Moderator
Status changed to: Implemented

Earlier this week we made a change to motion/audio detection email alerts that resulted in the removal of snapshot images. The intent of this change was to improve the Arlo user experience, however we did not communicate this change to our users in advance, and based on your feedback, we understand the level of frustration this has created.


As a result, we will be rolling back this change later today. This will allow snapshot images for any new motion/audio detection email alerts after the roll back is complete.


Thank you,

Arlo Team