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Add the Arlo Doorbell To The Smartthings Integration

Please make the Arlo Doorbell available in the Smartthings integration


+1 for video and audio doorbells


Just installed and very please with the Arlo Video Doorbell. 

Would be fantastic to resolve whatever integration issues there are with Alexa and Smartthings. 


So I am new here and overall thrilled with my 2 new Arlo 4k Cameras and Video Doorbell.  However, NONE of them work with Smart Things; NONE!  How can a product that offers so much be unable to support one of the most popular and common application/products on the market.  I would have thought (and shame on me for not doing better research) that your future products would at least be AS compatible as the older ones.  You want my business and good reviews....  lets start with a plan/update on such compatibility so we don't all have to wonder... Impress me with your customer service at least...


Why are the video doorbell and pro 3 cameras not available for integration with smartthings yet? It is essential that we be able to control lighting with video for the best quality.  Please 🙂


Please make the Arlo Doorbell compatible with Smarthings. It is strange that all of my other arlo products work with it and this device does not. It would be very nice for this doorbell to integrate well with my smart things google assistant smarthome. 


Is there any update on this integration. It looks as though it has been sought after by users for 2 years with no news for quite some time.


Integration of my doorbell will improve my home security.


Arlo and Smartthings has released a new integration. Unfortunately, the Arlo audio doorbell is not a part of this at this time.


Yes there is a new integration however, it does not recognise the pushing of the doorbell button. Only motion, which is disappointing. I cannot implement an automation off the button being pressed. 


Hello Community,

I just installed the Arlo Video Doorbell (wired) and I have Samsung Smartthings hub at home.

I was trying to connect the doorbell but Arlo was not there under the supported devices for the doorbell's list in smartthings.

Do you know if this is a bug or certain firmware supports the integration?

If it is not supported, any future plans with Arlo to support the integration of the doorbell with smartthings?


Thank you.


I can only reiterate the last few posts. Come on Arlo, get the wireless doorbell integrated with Smartthings.