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Add a library filter based on video duration

I have several Arlos, some pointed towards the house and another pointed away from the house. The camera pointed away from the house is great at capturing people walking up towards the front door, but unfortunately also captures cars driving by. There is no way to create a zone and sensitivity setting to capture people approaching the front door without also capturing cars driving by. So, the camera is constantly recording both events. This is ok, as I've set the camera to continuously record with motion and for cars driving by the video length is usually <20sec and for anyone walking up towards our house its usually >60sec. So, what would be useful is a filter that is based on video length to more quickly view events of potential interest.


BTW, one fix that is useful to quickly look at events of interest entails using a tree-mounted wireless Arlo. I have it pointed towards the house from a tree and this one only goes off with people approaching the door. So when this camera records it does tell me which events to look at with the other camera. However, it would still be great to add a library filter based on video length.


Thanks and great job making such a nice video surveillance system!