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Activity zone name in a notification

It would be nice and super useful to see in an alert what zone triggered it.

If it is "cat's door" - not much to worry about, but if it is "main door" - you should check it right away, right?


Thank you for considering it.




I totally agree!  I thought that was the purpose of defining a zone! 


Now that we can define activity zones for Arlo Q cameras, it would be nice to have the activity zone where motion was detected in the Push notification.  So list camera name and Activity zone in Push notification. 


I would like to see the notification alert say which Zone it detected motion instead of just the camera.  This seems like a relatively simple modification that would make it a lot easier to see at a quick glance if it's something I want to check immediately or just review later. "Motion is detected on Front Camera - Driveway" instead of just "Motion is detected on Front Camera".  


As far as more advanced, I'd love to be able to set a different Mode for each zone.  For example, I have a camera pointing out my window towards the front of the house.  If it detects motion on the zone I have setup for my driveway or front door, I'd like an alert on my phone.  If it detects motion in the zone that is just the street or where a lot of trees are, I'd like it to still make a recording but not send me an alert.  I have a few cameras pointing outside, so I get a lot of alerts.  Because of this, I usually never think "Wow, I better go see what that is" because it's probably somebody just driving by on my street or a gust of wind moving a tree.  I don't want the camera to not record these events.  I don't mind spending some time later going through them, but I'd rather only get notified immediately for areas that I see as being very important.


I have setup 2 Zones (let's say I label it Front and Back) with Geofencing Mode. I have set the notification to only send alert when motion is detected in the Zones.

I do receive the notification, but it just said "Motion detected...". I was hoping it'll say "FRONT motion detected..." or "BACK motion detected ..." so I can differentiate which Zone the alert is for.

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The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the communities contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on it's potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


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Alert includes information about which activity zone was activated.


Is it possible to include the activity zone name that triggered in the notification? this would be helpful for cameras that have multiple areas of interest like a garage that has the main door where people are walking and driving past when it's open and a side door that only I should be using. so if there is a motion on that door I would like to be alerted more clearly.




new idea - when we get motion alert notifications on our phones etc - currently the name of the camera appears, could it also include the name of the activity zone. Would not only be more insightful in general but would help those of us trying to figure out whats setting of more alerts than we think are necessary figure out where they are occurring in the camera's field of vision.


So an example would be if the camera's name is Garage and I have 3 zones 1. Driveway 2, pathway 3, garden then the alert would tell me that there was a motion alert in the Garage - Driveway.


thanks SAM