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Ability to turn off notifications from shared cameras

Would love to see an update that would facilitate being able to turn off app notifications for shared cameras. I own Arlo cameras and enjoy them enough that I have recommended them to many others. My father was so impressed that he purchased a set and shared his cameras with me. Unfortunately now I’m flooded with so many notifications that I can’t monitor my own cameras. This would be especially useful if it was granular enough to be applied to individual cameras. Would love to use Arlo cameras At my company’s retail stores but lack of control over notifications is a deal breaker.


As mentioned, it use to be ALL or Nothing.... notifications were global

Don't think much has changed


Please somebody add this feature. Shared devices are USELESS without it.


+1 on this one. I shared my cameras with my parents but I can no longer activate motion detection and alerts because they get all the push notifications it.

The person who's on the receiving end of a shared camera should be able to enable or disable push notifications per camera, on demand.

Turning off notifications on my parent's side isn't an option as they own an Arlo system as-well. Since they live in a different Country they were getting push notifications all night long so I had to completely disable motion detection. This completely defeats the purpose of a security system.

This issue was brought up years ago (looking at other related post that were closed), the Arlo Team really is slacking here. I'm going to start looking at other solutions out there. Just like other mentioned in this thread, the lack of support for this is a deal breaker unfortunately.