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Ability to turn off notifications from shared cameras

Would love to see an update that would facilitate being able to turn off app notifications for shared cameras. I own Arlo cameras and enjoy them enough that I have recommended them to many others. My father was so impressed that he purchased a set and shared his cameras with me. Unfortunately now I’m flooded with so many notifications that I can’t monitor my own cameras. This would be especially useful if it was granular enough to be applied to individual cameras. Would love to use Arlo cameras At my company’s retail stores but lack of control over notifications is a deal breaker.


Emails can be turn off for each user, But Pushes are all on or all off ( for granted access and primary holder)


depends on which alert you are talking about

That's why the idea is submitted.  Push notifications should be able to be disabled for shared cameras.  The push notifications also use the primary accounts camera names.  For example, my mother called her camera "front door".  I'd like it to say "mom's front door" - so I don't think it's mine.  I have changed the camera name on my app, but the push notifications don't use my name for the device.


I agree, this would be a great enhancement to see in a future app release.  Cameras from my parents and in-laws have been shared so that we can assist, but normally speaking I don't want to see push notifications from shared cameras but do still want to get them for my cameras.


Be able to have notifications settings turned off for individual cameras on shared accounts.
(IE: On my shared account I want to see notifications for only my Arlo baby, while still be able to login to the app and see the other cameras)


The scenario is this:

I have an Arlo system for my house and a family member has an Arlo system for his house.

Two separate Arlo systems.


The family member has shared their Arlo devices with me using the "Grant Access" feature.


The family member wants to continue to receive push notifications for devices at their house and I want to continue to receive push notifications for devices my house.

I do not want to receive the push notifications for devices at the family member's house.


If a user could disable notifications only for themselves for specific devices, then I would be able to still have access to the family member's Arlo devices while not receiving the notifications for these devices.

I have my own Arlo cameras and my father just got some Arlo's of his own, and he has shared his amount with me. So now I get notifications from his cameras as well as my own. It would be nice to have the option to turn off notifications for shared devices, but still be able to view recording clips in the history. I only want notifications from my system.



I would like to submit a new feature idea for the Arlo application.


The case :

I manage 2 base stations, 1 for me and 1 for my parents. I would like to have the possibility to check what's going on my parents cameras but without to be notified from their base station. But I want to keep receiving notifications from my base station.


The solution :

I would like to set the notifications for a specific base and not for the whole application.


Is it a feature that can be integrated to the mobile application in the future ?


Thanks for your feedback
Best regards


I have the exact same use case as described above. PLEASE add this feature. Because of this limitation, I have no choice but to disable ALL notifications from the Arlo app, which kinda defeats the purpose of having the cameras to begin with.


When my wife goes out to water the plants, it triggers the doorbell camera notification repeatedly.  She mutes notifications, but it only affects her notifications, not mine.  So I get bombarded with numerous notifications while I'm working, which is very annoying.


She used to log in using my credentials, and that worked fine; but now with required two-factor authentication, that is no longer possible, so she has her own "Friend" account.


Disabling the doorbell camera is not a good option, because it has to be manually re-enabled, and it's too easy to forget to do that, and also an annoying additional step even if you do remember.


I would like to see the option to mute for everyone.


@TomMac any progress on this as a new feature. It really limits my use of the cameras without a feature to customise the alerts for shared users.