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Ability to delete local videos via Arlo app

Can we please have the ability to select and delete direct storage access video clips via the Arlo app.

The point of direct storage access was to not have to take the SD card out and put it in to a PC to view, delete or save clips.
Arlo Moderator

Hi @Redpower187


We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


I upvote this one!


I mean, shouldn't it be a basic functionality that we assume is already there?


Yes I just assumed this was possible but the fact it’s not is very surprising. 


I agree!  Unbelievable that there is no delete option.  The issues with the Arlo system are pushing me towards sending it back or selling.  All these petty issues are basic functionality.  I understand they’ll just record over the older videos, but come on..smh.  Don’t get me started on the subscription BS!  Or the zone BS where I have to be hard-wired to use them!!?  Wtf is that nonsense?


I agree it's a basic functionality, not an "idea".  I was very surprised and disappointed  to find out on 11/8/2020  that my iOS Arlo App v2.21 does not offer an  option to "delete a selected video" from local direct storage (microSDXC card).  My smart hub is:  hardware: VMB5000 r5; firmware:; cameras: "Arlo Ultra 2" 

hardware: H10;  firmware: I was able to delete selected videos on my Mac, but then when I plugged the SDXC card back into smart hub (VMB5000), the Arlo App got confused and complained that videos (which I just deleted) are not available to download. There  is some meta data saved on SDXC card in addition to video clips in m4v format. It appears to me that the "direct storage access" concept is not ready for prime time yet.


Allow admin users and GUEST USERS to delete recordings from the SmartHub through Direct Storage Access