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Ability to EXTEND log-on time...

The Arlo System would serve its users well by allowing longer log-on times...or the ability to EXTEND the log-on time with a screen prompt or some other input.


Just today, I was viewing several 25+ minute videos that I had live-streamed/recorded . Each time, as I was approaching the end of the video, Arlo LOGGED ME OFF! When I logged back in...I had to start at the beginning of each video ....only to be LOGGED OFF, AGAIN!


A screen prompt asking "Do you want more log-on time?" with a Y/N option as you are approaching the end of your log-on time would be an easy fix. Or, maybe a place in account setup to specify how much log-on time the user would want.


It also would be nice to have a way to FAST FORWARD through playback so you might be able to view a lengthy recording in less time..., as well as be able to RESUME VIEWING ...if you need to break away...or are logged off !.


And, as long as I do not exceed the limits of my Basic package...why not allow me to RECORD a single livestream for AS LONG AS I WANT ...without timing me out?




Arlo automatically logs me out after 30 minutes of inactivity.  Arlo needs to develop a "keep me logged in" feature.

Arlo needs to develop a "keep me logged in" option. It's stupid for me to have to log I every 30 minutes because someone at Arlo is worried about someone hacking into my cameras. I shouldn't have to log in when someone is kicking my door in.