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tripod mounting and picture orientation

I have had my Arlo 4 camera system for several months and I generally love the quality, convenience, and ease of use.  I have two suggestions which I think might improve the overall quality of this great product.


     -tripod mounting:  the treaded receiver on the Arlo camera for the tripod post is only found on the bottom of the Arlo camera.  This               poses a challenge when mounting to a overhead horizontal surface like a soffit.  If there were additional treaded receivers on the top and       one side it would make this process much easier.


      -picture orientation:  In certain mounting applications it is difficult or impossible to mount the Arlo camera in the fully upright position.            This is especially true when mounting to tripod as above. If the camera or software could auto-correct the orientation of the display                video this would be very helpful


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Status changed to: Implemented