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2nd factor Authenication added to the login process



I tried to search for this idea, but didn't see anything.


I would like to see 2nd factor authenication options added to the login process.



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Surpised Arlo has not introduced 2FA on to the accounts yet, It is more likely for an online criminal to look through databases of sites that have been hacked in the past and see what PW's are asociated to your email account and try them, There is also the issue mentioned before where someone you know might disable them to leave no evidence of them robbing you and the like.


I hope Netgear implement 2FA soon, this should be at the top of their to do list.


Netgear, can you please provide us with a status update for 2FA / MFA and/or login log? This is a really important feautre that is missing.


This product is lame without 2 factor authentication and Netgear not even having that on their road map. To me, it shows that NetGear is not serious about the security at all. I am returning my camera back to store for a refund. Sorry, Netgear. 


 2FA, Trusted Devices and logs are basic features of any security system.  We need those features added  to Arlo ASAP.  


PLEASE NETGEAR, how can you be so negligent with security?  I tried customer support 2 years ago about this issue, now I see there are multiple people on here asking and DEMANDING a reasonable level of security, yet we can't even seem to get an update from the company...why does the Netgear CISO still have a job?  With all of the phishing attacks resulting in account compromises taking place these days, someone at NetGear needs to be fired for being 2 years late to the game.  Sad.


I too would very much like to see two factor authentication support added, and I am disappointed that this has been a requested feature for about 2 years now and that there has not been a response or reaction from Netgear about this.


I just purchased an Arlo Pro 2 with two cameras to cover the outside front of my home.  I was planning to buy some more to cover the inside of my home, but considering that there is no enhanced security options available, I will not purchase any additional Arlo units to place inside my home without two factor authentication options being available to protect the security and privacy of my family and will have to look at different vendors. 


I hope that Arlo reconsiders this and chooses to help customers secure their account with two factor authentication.




To help connect the various threads for this, there is another thread at which has many people discussing the desire for two factor authentication.


I would like to suggest Netgear enhance account security with two factory authentication (2fa) and allow passwords longer than 20 character on the support forum.


I would like to see some form of 2FA in the camera system, app, and website login.

Seems dangerous to me to allow a simple, no verified password access to a securtity system.


There are several scam arlo websites with similar urls that are way to easy to accidentally enter and have your credentials stolen.