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2nd factor Authenication added to the login process



I tried to search for this idea, but didn't see anything.


I would like to see 2nd factor authenication options added to the login process.




2FA needed, please give this request priority.

Ideally using Authy.

I'm a bit concerned about the admin web interface security since it's only as good as the password of an admin user.

It would be great to have the option to inforce two-factor authentication for admin using the web interface, or at least for the primary system owners login.



I find it absurd that not only, in a security context, there is no alert for each new login, but even after more than two years did not see 2FA !!!
I have to move to other brand?


Any news about 2FA? We bought an ARLO system to monitor our shops chain but in Italy it's MANDATORY to have a 2FA for video where employees can be video recorded. What should we do? Change supplier? Giorgio


Yes, amateur hackers can hack web login information, we dont want someone can hack into arlo camera system in our house, it is dangerous. Wonder whyNetgear dont provide 2 step login verification in such a high security needed services as Arlo camera? I have to turn off the camera offline when i am home, and feel not safe about net gear account login without 2 step verification. Vinh


Two-factor authentication really needs to be implemeted on the website.


Anyone know if there are plans for it?  Seems like a simple thing.


Private Key Encryption
As I always think about security.
It would be very nice if we had an option for Private Key Encryption for added security. I.e. It is impossible to open my live stream / files without the key (password) which I should keep and not be stored on any server.


Hello Arlo Team,


Do we have any updates on this? It is clear from going through the communities this is not only a very desired feature, but a NECESSARY one these days. Can someone from Arlo please make this a priority to look into this further and let us know if you have any plans in the near future of doing this soon?


If not, I might need to switch to someone like Nest that has implemented this in. I cannot in good concious keep using this if there is not even a plan in the near future to get this completed. My business and my family need to be protected from hackers getting into our account and cameras.



Ok Arlo; its been over six months now that your product users have been asking for multi factor authentication integration into your product. Even Nest added multi factor functionality this past March. What is the hold up? I would hope that providing your customers with secure security cameras would be a top priority. Lets Go!