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Re: Still with the Flash?

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cpagel Aspirant

I keep getting the prompt for updating flash in two different browsers, Windows Chrome, and Mac/Safari (wife's computer). I read the posts about adding flash permission and turning on "ephemeral" mode but those do not seem to work and/or are no longer available options.


What is the permanent solution in 2019 for removing the flash warning from Chrome and Safari browsers?


- Chris

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Casaflyr Initiate

So now it's been over a year since my post on this. I still can't view my cameras on my computer. I've basically just given up and use a phone or tablet whenever I need to view my cameras. I've tried to find a permanent solution to the constant "update flash" messages, and I've given up. Arlo says they need time...apparently a year isn't enough. 

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krakead Initiate

Given Netgear's prolonged and deafening silence on this matter I am ditching my 5-camera Arlo setup and replacing it with something that's properly supported and doesn't rely on obsolete and insecure technology. I work in web development and infrastructure, and can categorically state there is NO good reason for this delay except commercial greed. Frankly, Netgear's lack of response to this is appalling and unforgivable.


Well done Netgear. You won't be seeing another penny from me in the future.

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chibooey Aspirant

I also have a five camera setup and was looking to upgrade for a better camera.  Arlo brags about their updated hardware  but they have failed miserably to update the required software.  Hey Netgear, both hardware and software are required for an acceptible system.   I am fed up with having to jump though the Flash hoops  to protect my systems due to security holes in Flash and the Arlo Flash requirement. 

NetGear support has been telling us for almost two years that they are working on a software upgrade but there was no release date.   Well I for one am tired of waiting for Netgear to fix their software security flaws.  I will be taking my business elsewhere.

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krakead Initiate
I've given up waiting - had a new system installed a few weeks ago. Anyone want to buy a used 5-camera system?
JanL Initiate

Can you tell us what system you've migrated to? I'm thinking of replacing it too

arlo_mdfamily Guide

Today I have submitted a formal complaint for inaction on this issue with the better business bureau.  I was waiting for a long time (3+ months) for Arlo to properly register themselves, however they did not; so I submitted the information myself.


For anyone else looking to do the same (strongly advise you to do so).


Their legal address from Arlo support was shared with me:


3030 Orchard Pkwy
San Jose, CA 95134, USA
arlo_mdfamily Guide

CORRECTION: support responded with the addresses


The Arlo corporate address is 

3030 Orchard Parkway 

San Jose, CA 95134


The address associated with BBB site is:

2200 Faraday Ave. #150

Carlsbad, CA 92008

arlo_mdfamily Guide

Officially, via the BBB complaint, Arlo has responded with:




Good day!


We are aware of the desire for HTML 5 support to improve the Arlo experience for desktop web app users. Our team has a few other releases ahead of this initiative and appreciates your patience as we work on a transition to HTML 5.


In the meantime, the Arlo App for iOS and Arlo App for Android offer the most robust experience for managing your Arlo devices.


Thank you.


(snip name)

Sr. Customer Care Advocate

ARLO Technologies, Inc.