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set different notification and armed schedules

I would like my cameras to armed all the time.  However, I only want notifications after hours [5 pm to 8 am].  I do not see a way to this.  Need to create separate schedules for notification than for recording/armed features


Make a copy of ARMED mode ( create custom mode ) for your cameras... In the new mode, turn off the alerts .

Schedule the armed mode from 5pm to 8am and use the new created mode without alerts for other times.


tips, if you go thru midnight , break it into two parts 5pm to 1159pm and next day, 12 midnight to 8am

Please update the app so that each camera can have notifications sent to the user during specific hours/times. currently there is only a feature to record during specific times, but allowing for notifications to be sent on a schedule will allow for the cameras to be armed and record 24 hours, but not have the user be given the notification when they are not wanting them.
It is quite a pain to have to create modes to do something as simple as setting alert schedules. Can you please create an independent alert schedule. A simple chart like in schedule that has push notification on or off. I would like cameras on and recording all the time but have a bit of a complicated push notification schedule depending on the day of the week and the time.