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Work on getting better customer support

I learned of your system from my place of work.  I called to get information regarding the system and the person who helped me was not at all knowledgeable.  Matter of fact, I think I knew more about the product.  The sad thing is I just started looking at it 10 minutes ago.  Such a turnoff. 

I ended the call as soon as possible and then tried chat.  Chat gave an error and would not connect.  Something about has to be activated from a button.  Ah, it usually pretty easy.  You hit the button that says CHAT.

Anyway, to make a long story short it is very unlikely I will be purchasing your product.  The sad thing is your product look GREAT, but your Customer Service killed the deal.

My suggestion is to hire people who want to work for ARLO.  Hire people that speak clearly and are not interested in only getting my personal information.  Hire people that take an interest in your product.  Hire anyone other than who you currently have hired.