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Wireless Channel config manual override

Here's the deal;



This is my WiFi *indoors*, if I go outside it's even more and stronger signals. It amazes me that this Arlo system even uses WiFi when it offers is no manual control whatsoever, which I obviously expected it to offer, because, well, it's from NETGEAR!? All your equipment offers the user settings and full config and control, yet when it counts (to protect and secure our home reliably) it just doesn't?? WTF is that about? Please netgear, explain this to me. I demand the option to set the channel the base-station uses.

To be honest I didn't even expect it to use 2.4 GHz WiFi. Why did you pick that? Since it's proprietary anyway, why not use some unused frequencies? WHY WHY WHY?


Seriously, I'm going to publish this fact everywhere I can, because if knew beforehand, I would never have paid so much for such a useless wifi distortion unit. I would *not* have bought it.


Second thing is the fact it's reliability fully relies on your internet being up (and wireless signals not being distorted purposely). I can just pull the phone-cable outdoor so the DSL is lost, I can even check the wireless band from my car for the netgear ssid (which is always the same) and then switch on a scrambler and rip the house blind.


This has got to be the most insecure system ever, there's no local backup option of the footage, no memory, nothing (I've tested it). Frankly, not at all what I expected from a big name like netgear. Your routers are OK, but this arlo hands-off cloud-only stuff blows. And then no Advanced config in the base-station? For crying out loud you guys, get that fixed channel setting in the firmware or I'll send my expensive arlo crap right back to the seller.



I had the same issue with Arlo wiping out my home wifi network and running thru multiple Arlo support interactions they finally came up with something that worked for me.  It was a relief to know I hadn't wasted all that money.


the solution was to turn off QoS (Quality of Service) in the router/modem settings that had default priority on media/streaming.  Sucks to be forced to disable new router config options, but it works and my mind is at peace!


Turning off QOS is the worst suggestion yet.  Netgear should be ashamed.


Number 2...qos has nothing to do with the fact that arlo still uses the now outdated 2.4ghz band with limited channels, and it selecting the same as your homes network, hence dramatically slowing it down.


The only solution for our household was to have all other network equipment including TVs, tablets, computers, etc...use the 5ghz band...and 2.4ghz for arlo and potential vistors with outdated equipment that would still need 2.4ghz to connect.


*edit*  Pet and I responded about the same time with similar info.


Sorry Modge, I am not following at all.  How would a router based QoS setting have ANYTHING to do with the WLAN channel assignment on a completely seperate hardware components (Arlo unit)?


And honestly the "QoS" on most home routers is just junk / marketing BS anyway.  It isn't actually QoS, it just throttles certain ports / protocols, which contrary to the uneducated is not at all the point of QoS or how it is suppose to work.


As well, I have an advanced home network (10g fiber/copper, Cisco ASA's, 3 AP's running 3 radios each, etc) with zero QoS enabled and my Arlo still follows the closest 2.4 signal and stomps on it.


All I'm saying is turning off QoS worked for me.  


Previously i I battled the channel hijacking issue by setting up a dummy router on a different channel for Arlo to hijack - in between Arlo and my real router.  It worked for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to relocate my setup into my home office and spacing wouldn't work - I turned off the QoS per their recommendation and it stopped killing my wifi network - I have 9-12 devices accessing my wifi at any given time.


Some customers are "advanced" users... with no access to advanced features those customers start to look elsewhere.

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Dear Netgear team,


I keep seeing the same response from you guys; that Arlo automatically changes its wifi channel to the SAME one as your home wifi/router (or whichever one is closest).  This does not make sense and needs to be changed.  Having 2 wifi access points broadcasting on the same channel will cause interference, especially if they are right next to each other.  If my home wifi is broadcasting on channel 6, I would want Arlo to broadcast on channel 1 or 11 to avoid any interference


Please add this as a feature request; to be able to manually change the channel Arlo operates on.  it will greatly improve the range and reliability of your cameras, plus cause less interference with peoples home wifi


I am a wireless systems engineer, my statements are correct - it is common knowledge in my industry!


Otherwise, love your products 🙂





+1 this is a basic feature of any other product on the market.


We really need the option to change the wireless channel. By having the base station and normal wifi router on the same network, both the arlo cameras and regular wifi devices are fighting for the same bandwidth.


It would be quite simple to allow us to change this in an "advanced options" area.  Leave it on Auto as default but allow people who actually want to have decent wifi performance to change the setting.


Here is a little reading for whoever decided it was a good idea to try and crowd the strongest wifi channel...


I appreciate not giving Admin access to the Netgear hub is probably for Security Reasons, but with it auto transmitting on the same frequency as my main hub is just non-sensical. I moved the channel of my main hub specifically to eliminate congestion (interference). As is the norm these days, my neighbours all have there own wifi networks, and i had mine set up to avoid any conflict. Pretty sure the HP Wireless enabled printer does the same seek and destroy trick too (but at least its a device i can have turned off with minimal impact).