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Wireless Arlo Video Doorbell

You need a wireless doorbell just like your wireless cameras. Need to make it better than Ring Doorbells.


A wireless version of the video doorbell would be amazing! The wired model that has been released is not desirable for people in newer houses that do not have an existing wired doorbell and people renting because it costs a lot to have an electrician install and if you’re renting and move house you would have to spend negotiate with the landlord to buy it off you. You may even loose your bond if the landlord refuses and you leave a hole with wires in their properties entrance.


A direct competitor of yours, Eufy, has just released a wireless version of their video doorbell and there are countless other options on the market. Arlo has the opportunity to cater to a large audience within their existing customer base (and attract new loyal customers) who would prefer to keep all their security devices in the same ecosystem instead of using multiple companies products/apps to cater to their smart home security needs.




I don't have access to the wired doorbell in my house (for various, stupid reasons), and have been using wireless doorbells for 10+ years.  I would LOVE to add a wireless video doorbell to my Arlo system.  Please make this happen ASAP!!!

some key features are missing:
- built-in battery!
- installation without existing chime!
- remote wifi connected chimes
- optional solar charging

Hi @JamesC, do Arlo representatives review these suggestions/ideas etc and pass them to the product team to explore?

I don’t have a doorbell in my new house. It’s odd but I don’t want to wire one in. Ring offers a wireless doorbell and it looks like I have to go that way since Arlo does not. I have Arlo everything else.
I just bought the all pro 2 double camera pkg. I love the easy installment and the fact its battery operated and it has been wonderful. I just wish you had a battery powered video doorbell ? Maybe you can start working on it ? Thanks

One to add here?


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We would like to let everyone know that we have launched Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wire-Free. To learn more, click on the following link: Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wire-Free