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Windows 10 UWP App including Xbox One

Windows 10 UWP app for PC, laptops, tablets would be amazing!

Also, the Xbox One would act as a fantastic hub (similar to Apple TV app).

One UWP app would do all Windows 10 devices (millions and millions of potential users).

Would love to have it run via the xbox one...56" screen for ARLO ;   hoo raaa


i've spent around $1300 on arlo at least so far and i need a windows 10 app for my phone and pcs.

the website being limited to flash for live viewing is atrocious.


This is a great idea. I don't understand how you're selling this as both a home and small business option you wouldn't think people would be using a desktop or windows PC, especially small business or commercial users.


Why Flash? Who does Flash anymore?


The Xbox would be great especially with kids being able to check the front door when the doorbell rings.


And yes, if the Windows phone or tablet market isn't enough to convince you to invest in a UWP then a few hundred million windows 10, Surface, Laptop, Desktop, and Xbox users should.

Please release a Windows 10 app for Xbox One.

Due to the Xbox One having a TV Tuner and/or HDMI pass through it provides the core home entertainment hub within a home (e.g. not just for games). Therefore the Xbox is on for long periods of time!

Having an Arlo app, similar to Apple TV, would be very convenient and fantastic functionality!

The benefits for Netgear/Arlo are massive! Once they have a Windows 10 UWP app that works on Xbox One, they also have the basis of an app that works on millions and millions of Windows 10 devices... desktop PCs, laptops, 2-in-1s, tablets, smart phones!!!!!

Windows 10 offers Arlo a massive customer base opportunity!

Get on UWP!
I'm now accessing my Arlo cameras from my Windows 10 laptops and my Xbox One using The Home Remote app ( and

The app gives some good basic functionality on Windows 10 (and also iOS) although there is room for improvement and hopefully they will add more Arlo control features!

I'm hoping Arlo, and the Arlo user base will support The Home Remote team through use and idea generation.

Just been doing some more reading on The Home Remote app... it is amazing for smart home users! It is available on iOS, Android and Windows 10.

iOS app =

Windows 10 app =

Android app =

This app is allowing me to use Arlo on my Windows 10 laptops and even on my XBOX ONE as well as my iPhone and iPad!!! Love it!

As well as Arlo it also supports smart home devices like Sonos, Hue, Honeywell!!!


Are you able to upload some screenshots from Windows mobile?  I'm the other person who owns a Windows Phone (950 XL) and would like to see this in action!





2 and a half years later, no response from Netgear. 


Same here, it's actually my wife who asked me if we could get an Arlo on our Xbox One

I understand that there’s a web portal for the Arlo system, but for people with certain motor control disabilities, the fine control needed to unblock flash or click sign-in is not there. Tobii Dynavox has developed a superb eye-tracking solution, for communicating, texting, and controlling IR devices, but its integration with web browsers is basic at best. It would be better to have a Windows app like there is available on iOS or Android. Is this possible?