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White/Clear Arlo Cam skins

Actually the Arlo skin I want to see is for any of the chasis. I have both the wire free and the Go Anywhere. 


The Skin I need is white color or better yet Clear or Tranclucent.  (Why is the spell checket not working with this site)


I am again surprised by the low intelligence of the product engineers. Isn't it obvious to all of them that most walls and most ceilings are White,, so why most skin colors are very contrasting with same.

  Point of a skin is protection for the cam and comoflage from vandalism and theivery yet very little thought is given to that. I see some skins that are Camo for out in the wild when in fact most cameras are inside buildings homes and apartments and there the ceilings and walls are white. 


So please start making skins that would blend in with the walls and ceilings where 99% of the people live.


The Skin I need is white color... snip


All of the Arlo cams are white...  white skin would be kind of redundant


As to the other skins , like say Pink... it fits very well in the grandkids room and hides well with the other pink things


Well you are 30% correct but 70% incorrect. A cam that is indoors may get away without a skin, a cam that is outside needs skin for protection. 

I have 3 cams only one is indoors and it is indeed bare, the other two are outside covering perimeter and equipment, and they do need to be protected and blended into the envrionment which is the outside wall.(white) . Also keep in mind that just like the case on your phone if the cam falls its chances of damage are reduced with a skin. You do have a case for your smart phone dont you?

Also if you never been to Florida you need to know that its very heavy with insects and insects crap,,, Id rather they crap on the skin than the cam chasis itself.......

Which cam would you rather buy on ebay in a year or two, one that had a skin on it or one that didn't.....

Did you find any white skin? Im thinking of painting a green skin white


White skins are aplenty on eBay. I bought 5 skins on eBay for very little money. All sorts of colors are available. Type in Arlo skins (enter the color of your choice) and you'll be surprised.

I'm looking for white skins for arlo go 

Is there any white or clear skins for arlo go? I have a white wall outside and I need a white clear skin for protection. Can't find white for the go only for pro2 and so on

This is the only white/clear skins I can find for Arlo Go

Is there anyone else that sells white/clear skins for Arlo Go?