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USB local recording on VMB3010r2 base

I bought two systems with the VMB3010r base so I could record locally to USB flash drives. The VMB3010r base has two USB connectors on the back, which is why I purchased these; they recognize the USB flash drives (the lights comes on), but they do not record locally. What a disappointment. Will you be coming out with a firmware update that enables this feature? I just found out that only the base with the siren will record locally. I originally purchased a system with a VMB3500 base that does not have USB ports, which is why I purchased the VMB3010r systems to have the USB  ports for local recording. Again, I am very disappointed. The only thing the VMB3010r base does that the VMB3500 base does not do is to take up more room on my desk.

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The 3000 base while it has usb ports, they were never enabled... they were for future options never completed.

The usb ports became active with the Pro or 4000 series bases for backup of recordings.


there is no planned updates for the 3000 series as to usb ports, if you want to use them re backup recordings, you have to buy the 4000s series ( Pro or Pro2 base )